Our Market is thriving! Every Saturday new vendors join us, increasing our variety and the shopping opportunities for Lumby and area folks. This week we welcomed Bonnie with intriguing new-to-you items and collectibles; Tiffany the AVON lady; Debbra who creates all kinds of kids masks and ear Barrettes as well as PavErpol figurines; and Cathy selling mystical garden gnomes.

This week, our usual Market won’t be in the Park, but I and a number of our Market vendors will be at Lumby Days, so drop by and say hello. We’ll be back on June 18th; mark it on your calendar because Christine Kendal-Ward will be singing at the Market. Christine is a well-known local star, and everyone loves her voice. Sincere thanks to the Monashee Arts Council for their support in providing talented local artists who perform every second week at the Lumby Public Market. Up-and-coming star? No place to play your guitar? You’re welcome to come out and busk at the Saturday Market.

See you in the Park at our usual spot on June 18th Whitevalley Community Park Oval, Glencaird & Norris

I can't wait for The Buttertart festival Sept 9th