This week, I’d like to focus on our vendors who are creative entrepreneurs, selective pickers or sell fabulous products that you might otherwise have to purchase online or from a big, impersonal store.

First up is Elsie, your Lumby Beauticontrol specialist. She’ll be proud to introduce you to this unique line of products which offers personalized skin care solutions through scientifically advanced skin care and beauty products,  Elsie is happy to answer your questions and to tailor solutions that meet the specific needs of your skin. Visit Elsie this Saturday at the market and get a special Canada Day gift. A multi-tasker, Elsie also offers some great home baking and some special art cards created by her talented granddaughter.

What’s in your wallet?  Right beside Elsie is Colleen who offers a wide selection of purses, bags and yup – wallets.  I’m told the Cross-Town Wallet is especially popular, it has space for cards, gloss (whatever that is!) and according to my source, super-cute.  Colleen tells me it’s a versatile choice because you can wear it as a wallet, as a wristlet or a cross-body wallet. Colleen is also a well-known local photographer, and you can purchase cards and mugs featuring some of her best work. Her tent holds more items than many accessories departments in town!

Gents, you may think this article holds nothing for you, but you do buy the ladies in your life gifts, don’t you?  And, nothing impresses like the amazing and environmentally friendly jewellery Sasha brings to the Market. Guys, this is hand-made jewellery that not only looks great but has a social purpose to help women artisans in poor villages across the world.  Made from PETG (the main ingredient in water bottles), everything is BPA free and is produced in a facility in the U.S. that sends nothing to the landfill! Look for the “Color by Amber” booth this Canada Day.

We’re so happy to have an old friend back at the Market.  Nancy is back with her amazing “Victorian” gifts of runners, table cloths, aprons.  If you’re looking for butterflies, or sunflowers, or violets you’re sure to find them embroidered on a lovely piece of linen at Nancy’s booth. Big news – to make way for new stock ALL ITEMS ON HAND ARE 50% OFF.

From the return of an old friend to the arrival of a new one. Freebird Hobby & Arts arrived at the Market last Saturday with a hand-cart full of hand-made soap.  Everyone was amazed at the great attitude of this young man to bring his wares to the Market in such an environmentally friendly manner. We love supporting youthful initiative and think you will too when you see his line of natural and luxurious soaps.

Up next is Mama Bray and her original handmade crocheted items.  When you shop at Mama Brays, you’ll most likely meet her lively band of children and charming hubby.  My five-year-old granddaughter loves crochet cloches (I must ask Mama Bray what that is! – I’m sure she could whip one up for me).

At the end of the Market, or the beginning if you enter through Maple Street, you’ll find a fine line-up of gentlemen entrepreneurs:  Jim who will sharpen your dullest knife or garden implement is also an artisan in wood – you must check out his beautifully crafted and finished spoons, and knives.  His fine wooden measuring spoons should be framed hung on the wall, not used to measure salt and vanilla! Eric is a long-time participant in the Lumby Public Market.  I’d wager that there are few households out there who haven’t bought a gently used garden tool or canning jar from Eric.  Eric also makes the most handsome side tables, you really have to see them and the price is so reasonable for such craftsmanship. Looking for a used book, a collector’s edition comic or an antique scale – you never know what our own “Canadian picker” Ron will have on offer from week to week.  You just have to visit him every week to find out.

SEE YOU ON CANADA DAY – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.










I can't wait for The Buttertart festival Sept 9th