As you know, the Saturday Market in Lumby is a “public” market – it walks the line between a card-carrying farmer’s market and a flea market.  This week, I’d like to focus on our many vendors who make, bake or grow their products.

As you walk the tree-lined path in the Whitevalley Community Park, the first vendor you encounter will be Cedarstein Farm, a family owned and operated, certified organic farm,  Heidi, and helpers bring seasonal vegetables, berries, fruit and nuts to the Market.  Next is BS Ranch & Greenhouse,  Sam, the garden column writer, offers an amazing variety of plants, flowers, and ornamentals.  Sam’s very knowledgeable and her gardening tips – priceless. Grown right at BS Ranch & Greenhouse.  Soon these vendors will be joined by Campbell and other orchards as fruit becomes available.

Next up is Monashee Old Time Bakery – fresh home-made bread with nothing artificial or suspicious in it.  Donna tasted one of Stan’s gluten-free muffins last weekend; it completely passed her demanding standards, and it was delicious to boot!  A further stroll brings you to Lumby’s undisputed queen of the bannock – Julie.  Can’t get much fresher or original than the tasty traditional treats cooked on-the-spot every Saturday. Beside her is Leona, known by just about everyone in Lumby for her delicious home-baking and crafty crafts.  There’s a lot of our older folks (and younger ones too) who depend on Leona to be in booth #5 every week.

Right beside the music men, Mel and Murray, you’ll find Naturally Green Acres, a local farm specializing in naturally grown produce, herbs, patio, hanging & garden baskets. The name says it all.,

As you can see, we have the best local bakers – including Wendy.  Wendy is not just a baker, she’s a cake decorating phenom,  Last week’s special was artistically decorated cakes on a stick that she created for the swim meet. If you’re looking for a real healthy and original treat see Wendy in booth #10.

Let’s take a walk up the other side of the path to meet Charlotte who serves up popcorn, Kaktus chips and caramel corn – is there anyone who can resist the smell of old-fashioned fresh-made popcorn?

In booth #22 beside Charlotte, is a new-to-the-market vendor, Gwynn, who sells quilts, aprons and lots more home-crafted items.

No mention of “green” would be complete without mentioning our Norwex vendor.  Norwex specializes in products that “radically reduce chemicals in our homes with simple, cost-effective solutions that truly work.”  Ask Ida how this all started with bugs on a windshield.

On the 24th, we’ll be visited by OASISS – so whatever else you do until then – Don’t Move A Mussel!

See you at the Market, Murray

I can't wait for The Buttertart festival Sept 9th