Finally! Last Saturday was a day without rain for the Market. You may have noticed the bright yellow numbers on the path where the Market is held every Saturday.  These mark the location of individual vendors, some of whom are at the same place each week.  This week we begin a number by number introduction to our members and regular vendors:

#1 Cedarstein Farms, Heidi, a long-time member of the Market, brings certified organic vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, cabbages, leeks, onions, beets and more. All locally grown and freshly harvested.

#17 Eric, another long-time member of the Market family, has an ever changing array of tools, books, canning jars and new-to-you items. If you’re looking for something, chances are Eric has it or can find it for you.

Butter Tart Festival Contest update: we’re pleased to let you know that Rogers Foods Ltd. of Armstrong has become a partner in the Festival. Contestants will receive a 10% off coupon on butter tart ingredients from Rogers upon signing up for the August 27 contest.

Lost your glasses? If you’ve misplaced your glasses and were at the Market last Saturday, I have them.

I can't wait for The Buttertart festival Sept 9th