The rain held off, and the Saturday Market was busy. Donna’s wish, posted on Around the Block Lumby, was fulfilled; John Brown came with handsome, affordable and home-made bird and bat houses. The bat house will make a great addition to the bird; bee and butterfly houses already up in our yard. What next? A tiny house by Rouck Bros.? New vendor Iva Wiens was there with colourful and very fine maxi skirts, dresses, rompers, palazzo pants and active wear. Most of our vendors ignored the incorrect weather forecast (though it did rain just as things were winding down).  Campbell farms had apples and there were lots of apricots, peaches, cherries and fresh veggies on offer. Stephanie Noakes from Clinton dropped by with dream catchers, chocolates and Guatemalan coffee beans. A good time was had by all. BAT HOUSE

I can't wait for The Buttertart festival Sept 9th